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Males: 676(50.19%)
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Families: 455
Number Surnames: 318
Average Lifespan: 64 years
Earliest Born: Hamlet TOONE
Born: 1554

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Saturday, 09 August 2008 07:49 administrator
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Welcome to the HALLAM section.

From here we will be offering further information of help for your Hallam ancestors. We will try and collate all information and hopefully specific data on any Hallam for example:

  • Birth

  • Marriages

  • Death

  • Census

  • Parish

  • Military

  • and any other information

Which brings me to ask for any information you have to share on this Hallam Website, please contact us with further details.

Here are other sections for HALLAM

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 July 2010 15:51

About Hallam Family

Hallam Family history and Genealogy Web Site, for everything Hallam. The historical origins and meaning of the Hallam name. Ancillary surnames include Moon, wilde, webster, winfield, woolley, Crowder, Robinson, Wilson, Harris, Donnelly, Bradley, Holling, Wright, Stewart and many other names.

The Families

  • Hallam Family
  • Wilson Family
  • Crowder Family

  • Lane Family
  • Crisp Family