Extended Families

Obviously our wider family includes numerous family names, which are predominantly is from the East Midlands of England – Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire and have extended to many parts of the world including USA, Canada and Australasia.

The main families for research purposes are listed as follows:





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4 comments on “Extended Families
  1. Karina Hallam says:

    We’re Hallam’s too!! Living in Orange County California!

  2. Vicky Teichman says:

    Hi. My grandfather was a Hallam. His family emigrated to Australia from the UK sometime in the 1980s to Broken Hill then to Adelaide. He married my grandmother Annie Matilda and they had two children Glenn who has passed away and my mother Lettie Rae.
    My grandfather was William and he died in about 1943 when my mother was 9.
    Not sure if we belong to this strain of Hallam.

    • DaveH says:

      Many thanks for visiting and leaving a comment Vicky.
      There are many Hallams in Australia. On the http:www.familyhistory.uk.com website in the community forums we have loads of “AUSSIES” Helping out
      Please join us……..

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