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Males: 676(50.19%)
Females: 670(49.74%)
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Families: 455
Number Surnames: 318
Average Lifespan: 64 years
Earliest Born: Hamlet TOONE
Born: 1554

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W elcome to the Hallam Family Web Site

Hallam, Crowder, Wilson, Harris and Lane, Crisp, Naylor, Downs and loads more......

This website is dedicated to our ancestors, who mainly were born and bred in the East Midlands of England. Needless to say the families over the years, spread their wings and spread to Europe, the USA and to the southern hemisphere of new Zealand and Australia probably looking for a better life and prospects for their families.

I have researched and collected the family history / genealogy information over the years and have "linked" to many people around the world, who have helped to add those missing links and "wanted names". I could not of done this without their help and certainly without the help of other fellow genealogists, who are a great bunch of people and most helpfull. I would like to thank them all. Most of all, I would like to thank my family and relatives, particularly my wife Kate.


The research information collected, is in most cases backed up with documentation, which have been sourced from many hours of work and driving around the UK visiting research establishments, such as county archives and record offices - particularly Nottingham, Derbyshire Matlock and Lincolnshire, also the National Archives at Kew London and many museums.
Lots of the initial research came obviously from the internet, though this was used for research only. Any information found has been backed up by hard documentation- not everything you see on the internet is correct! So please use it for research only - then get the real information, such as birth, marriage and death certificates to ensure it is correct.

The Hallam's

There is a major section on the HALLAM name. This covers the origin and meaning of the HALLAM name. After many years of family research into the HALLAM's, I started collecting any information regarding any HALLAM name found - being found in census transcripts, parish registers, wills, polling records, prison records, pauper records and other documentation. I will be updating the site to include these relevant documented evidence so that you may find some useful information for your own research.

There is further Hallam information, records and data to be added soon. Please join us on our Hallam Forums, bookmark and visit us shortly

If you have any Hallam information to add, please contact me with the details of your information.


About Hallam Family

Hallam Family history and Genealogy Web Site, for everything Hallam. The historical origins and meaning of the Hallam name. Ancillary surnames include Moon, wilde, webster, winfield, woolley, Crowder, Robinson, Wilson, Harris, Donnelly, Bradley, Holling, Wright, Stewart and many other names.

The Families

  • Hallam Family
  • Wilson Family
  • Crowder Family

  • Lane Family
  • Crisp Family